Agriculture is the base of Indian Economy. We are committed to promote Agriculture as a Commercially profitable Business. This we believe can be achieved by introducing new technologies in the Traditional Agriculture processes. The Sangam of our age old agriculture methods with the new technologies and techniques will enhance the Agriculture Produce by quality and quantity and will help the farmers to enjoy a profitable life.

Incorporated in early 2017 we are young company venturing into Agri business. We have been working on various aspects or agriculture on our POC farm. We would promote Organic Farming and will remove the dependency on Chemicals which will help in saving the environment and will help in reducing the cost. We have been working on new ideas and new technologies to enhance agriculture production. Our POC farm is used to test out concepts such as.

Vertical Farming - to double the production with the same farm size.

Soil less farming which enables to remove dependency of crops and soil.

Use of Biotechnology to develop various cultures in our laboratory set up in Navi Mumbai.

We have acquired this technology from BARC and have a full technical support under the agreement signed with them.Under this agreement we produce the composting culture developed by BARC through their research of last 40 years.

We offer various services in the area of Composting.