Vertical Farming

At present we are working on a technique known as "Vertical farming".
We have designed a few Vertical Farms at our POC farm which have the potential to double the production with the same farm size.

Soil less Farming

At present in our traditional method of Agriculture the selection of crop is based on the type of the soil and it's quality We are in a process of replacing this concept by introducing use of planting material suitable for the desired crop.
This will remove the dependency of a Crop on the quality of Soil.
Organic composting is a part of this initiative


We are exploring Biotechnology the new branch of Science to elevate current Agricultural methods to higher levels. In order to achieve this, we have established a well-equipped Laboratory in Navi Mumbai. This will be used to develop various Plant Tissue Cultures as well as other Bio Cultures.

Farm Automation

The testing of Automation in the area of Drip Irrigation, grow lights as well as Security system is in progress at our POC farm

Tomatoes grown in the vertical rack

Tomatoes grown in the vertical rack

Tomatoes grown in the vertical rack